Nov 8, 2008

forced to travel

I'm just letting everyone know i had to stop all the orders and also my new plans for Christmas items... my grandmother is very ill, it's been 2 years since we found she has a cancer on her throat and as sad as it is she is in a final condition...

For that reason i must apologize if orders get delayed and also if i don't reply to messages in the next couple of days... i wil try to let everyone know.

The one good thing i that i'm in the most beautiful part of my country... i'll try to get my mind distracted with some photos...

Hugs to everyone!*

(old photo, taken in partnership with Valex)


  1. Awww Im really sorry to hear this! I really hope things go well and they work out better then expected. Take care hun ;)

  2. Babz thank you for your kind words... unfortunately she pasted away this evening... now we know there will be no more pain for her soul.*

  3. a really big kiss for you seetie...*