Nov 2, 2008


Made a Cake last evening...
I was in a mood for baking so i gave it a try!
Latelly i haven't been lucky with my cooking... but this time i'm pretty happy with the result!
Not only i think it looks good as it does have a really nice taste too! :)
It is Apple, Honey and Cinnamon flavoured... hum yummi!


  1. Im like starving over here and everyone has yummy cakes and candies on their blog haha. You must post the recipe for this!! It's sounds like such a great fall eat!

  2. Looks like somebody else is in the mood for baking... I made cookies! Let me know when you're comming again so I can make some more!!
    ;) kiss*

  3. Babz: i love to bake! but not always it turns out good... i have an electric oven and it is not that good! this one was great! :) I will post a recipe, promisse! it is very easy!!!*

    Mary: oh that sounds like an invitation! i would love to go back to that wonderful studio soon!*