Dec 21, 2008

I know i haven't been updating much...
well blame the new job eheh i'm really enjoying it right now!

had plans to take loads of photos this weekend... ended up only taking some of new items for the shop! the rest of the time was to take advantage of the amazing warm winter sun... did some cleaning in my room and also washed and vacuum the car! no rest for me...

here the new items on my Etsy:

I hope to post again soon... before x'mas... hope you all have fun preparing everything for the big day!****

Dec 3, 2008

i joined the most colorful team on Etsy :)
well it was some weeks back...

today i got the "member spotlight" on the blog
you can see it here if you'd like to!

on other news
i have a part-time job as a graphic designer it's been a week and a half
and today i think i got a placement at a design studio
doing product design, now this is a blessing these days!
(i'm a product designer and there are hardly any job offers...)

so yes life is starting to take the right (maybe?) way...
Let's see what the new year has reserved for me!*

oh yes almost forgot!
do you need something cute for your dolls?

Nov 21, 2008


So today i finaly got the chance to take proper photos of the Earmuffs! uuuf...
It's been very sunny in Portugal the last couple of days and after lunch time the Sun light gets really yellow.. and not very good for photos! So today i managed to take photos in the morning, this is usually the best time for photos because light is soft and not direct from the window.

Anyway i took the photos and soon added the new items to the shop and to flickr!
Turns out they are selling very well! I'm so happy with these, such a great feedback from people too!

I'm making 4 different colors white, pink, red and brown. Any other colors you'd like to see, maybe?
Only for Lati Yellow and Pocket Fairy size now... need to start thinking about making them for Blythe, also been asked to make Human ^_____^

On with the photos now! Hope you'll like them!

Nov 16, 2008

Christmas Items!

I made myself go back on track after last week...

It is a new season! I can see Christmas everywhere now! All the shops and streets are decorated and we start to listen to the music (i know next month i'll be sick of it!) but we should all be happy and star making plans for the big thing! I mean we have Christmas and soon after New Year... and in my case 4 days later it's birthday... yes, i'll soon be quarter of a century...

Well for all this... and mostly because i am still on the hunt for a job... i decided to make several Xmas items for the shop :)

I already started!
Went shopping for fabrics and furs yesterday

And here are the results after a few hours...

The earmuffs are so cute! i don't think i could take good photos...
The dress and socks are already for sale at the shop!
And more is there to come during the week! So many ideas! :)
Hugs, hope you all had a good weekend!*

Nov 8, 2008

forced to travel

I'm just letting everyone know i had to stop all the orders and also my new plans for Christmas items... my grandmother is very ill, it's been 2 years since we found she has a cancer on her throat and as sad as it is she is in a final condition...

For that reason i must apologize if orders get delayed and also if i don't reply to messages in the next couple of days... i wil try to let everyone know.

The one good thing i that i'm in the most beautiful part of my country... i'll try to get my mind distracted with some photos...

Hugs to everyone!*

(old photo, taken in partnership with Valex)

Nov 5, 2008

Happy Mail Day

After a long and difficult day it was yesterday i had decided to stay in bed all day today...
The one thing that made me come out of my warm comfy bed was the door bell and i was 100% sure it was the post man!

Yay! i got 2 packages!
One was from UK a pack of 12 illustration markers, really good ones! But no, not for me... they are my birthday present to my little sister that just turned 18 this Monday!
The other one was from Rosa, i ordered 2 types of yarn and a cute tape during weekend and they arrived really fast! Here is the link to the shop Retrosaria

The rest of the day i spent doing some work... but i did take a photo

Also had to try the couldn't resist!
I'll show it off tomorrow!

Nov 2, 2008


Made a Cake last evening...
I was in a mood for baking so i gave it a try!
Latelly i haven't been lucky with my cooking... but this time i'm pretty happy with the result!
Not only i think it looks good as it does have a really nice taste too! :)
It is Apple, Honey and Cinnamon flavoured... hum yummi!

Nov 1, 2008

the blog

it's been sometime since i'v been thinking about getting a blog...
must confess i'm not used to post frequently... but hope to start getting used to this!

this should be a place for me to talk and show my favorite things:
crafts (sewing, knitting, embroidery...)
and others!!

I would love to have a better looking layout...
but i suck at htlm coding and couldn't find a cute code so... this is how it's gonna be for now!

hope to have a lot of your visits! So feel free to subscribe the feed! :)