Nov 21, 2008


So today i finaly got the chance to take proper photos of the Earmuffs! uuuf...
It's been very sunny in Portugal the last couple of days and after lunch time the Sun light gets really yellow.. and not very good for photos! So today i managed to take photos in the morning, this is usually the best time for photos because light is soft and not direct from the window.

Anyway i took the photos and soon added the new items to the shop and to flickr!
Turns out they are selling very well! I'm so happy with these, such a great feedback from people too!

I'm making 4 different colors white, pink, red and brown. Any other colors you'd like to see, maybe?
Only for Lati Yellow and Pocket Fairy size now... need to start thinking about making them for Blythe, also been asked to make Human ^_____^

On with the photos now! Hope you'll like them!

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